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Brandy Trendy

Fast Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder With Blue Light For iPhone

Fast Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder With Blue Light For iPhone

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1. Transparent Material + CD Pattern Mirror Design, Very Textured;

2. Crystal Atmosphere Lighting Effect, Crystal Clear

3. Built-in Double-array Rubidium Magnets, Strong Suction Will Not Fall;

4. 15W High Power, Automatic Adsorption And Alignment, Fast Charging

5. Simple Operation, Can Be Installed In one Second


Only compatible with iPhone 12 13 14 Series phones!

For iPhone 12/13/14 Whole Series Compatible


CE FCC RoHS Certification


2022 New Model


Joyroom Upgraded Car Phone Holder




75% Charge In 60 Minutes.

32 N52 Strong Magnets.

Triple Lock Design.


Other Brands:


45% Charge In 60 Minutes.

8 Ordinary Magnets.

Ordinary Clip.



Special Blue Light & Strong Magnetic Design


Blue Light / Super Magnetic / Triple Lock



Fast Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder

Super Magnetic & More Stable


15W Fast Wireless Charger

Strong Magnetic


Smart Chip



High Charging Efficiency


The charging efficiency is increased by 150%


Dual Fast Charging Design:


All Copper Coil

Smart Chip



High-power Wireless Fast Charger

75% Charge In 60 Minutes

High Charging Efficiency



Fast Cooling Chip


Avoid Phone Heat While Charging



Super Magnetic


One-hand Operation


32 N52 Strong Magnets



1100g Strong Suction 

More Stable

Magnetic surface increased to 200%


N52 Strong Magnet

Support 1100g

Weight Capacity:5 Phones



Super Stable & Anti-shake


Easily handle various road conditions


New Upgraded Air Vent Hook


More Stable



Imitation Eagle Beak Hook


More Stable

Imitating the olecranon design, the hook can firmly grasp the air outlet


Installation Steps:


1. Put the universal ball into the nut, then insert it into the socket on the back of the holder
2. Fasten the nut clockwise to its position
3. Loosen the knob and open the hook, insert the hook onto the vent blade
4. Fasten the knob



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