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Brandy Trendy

Luxury Original Carbon Fiber Shockproof Phone Case For iPhone 13 Serie

Luxury Original Carbon Fiber Shockproof Phone Case For iPhone 13 Serie

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1. The Phone Case With Lens Film

2. Precise hole position, Key Matching

3. High Quality — Kevlar Carbon Fiber Material

4. Lens package / Anti-blast / Anti-drop frame / Bulletproof cover

5. Upgrade All-inclusive Lens Protection

6. " Not afraid of falling “ / Unbreakable due to superior technology

7. Aviation Grade Drop Resistance / Elastic Airbag Frame / Professional Explosion-Proof Design

8. 50 Times Stronger Anti-fall/Aviation Glass Material / Nano Anti-fingerprint Technology

9. Lightweight support wireless charging

10. Original Machine 1:1 Button/Elastic TPU soft edge

5 times the hardness of steel

Hard and drop resistant

All-inclusive Design At The Fine Aperture

Enhanced Explosion-proof Capability

Kevlar-Carbon Fiber Material

Effectively Resist Various Daily Collisions

Carbon fiber is a hard, flexible, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, light, and never-fading material

New Carbon Fiber Texture Design

New Upgrade of Phone Case

Light Feel Comfortable

Precise Fit, Feel More Comfortable
As Thin As 0.64mm
As Light As 9.86g

Lightweight and breathable, no pressure burden

Use the phone for a long time without getting hot

Enhance The Surface Resistance To Scratch

Can be used for TEN years

Can be used for TEN years

Fits Closely, Doer Not Addict The Daily Charging Of The Phone

Military-Grade Material

1. Bulletproof Fiber Molecular Layer Disperse 97% of impact
2. Alloy Lens Ring Protection Structure Full camera lens protection
3. Carbon Fiber Composite Material Enhance The Surface Resistance To Scratch
4. Woven Anti-Collision Airbag Effectively Resist Various Daily Collisions

Kevlar is a new type of aramid fiber material, originally called "polyp-phenylene terephthalate". This new type of material has low density, high strength, good toughness, high-temperature resistance, and easy processing and molding. The strength is 5 times that of steel of the same quality, but the density is only one-fifth of steel. Mainly used in tanks, armored vehicles, body armor, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, and guided-missile destroyers, etc.

Comprehensive Protection of Phones

Three-Dimensional Protection Rugged And Durable

SUPER HARDNESS Explosion Proof

5 Times Stronger Than Steel


Genuine Masterpiece Original Design

Super Anti-Fingerprint Coating


Innovation Craftsmanship And Multi-process Creation, Low-key Luxury

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