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Brandy Trendy

New 2021 Mobile Phone Box Holder

New 2021 Mobile Phone Box Holder

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1. Waterproof:

This storage box comes with a completely waterproof and fog-proof feature with wall-mounted style, which allows you to watch videos or listening to music while having a bath or doing something else without worrying about the water mist blurring the phone screen and without holding your phone with your own hands, very convenient and useful for your daily use.

2. Touch screen:

With a 0.25mm touch screen of high sensitivity, it supports you to operate your phone as it is in this storage box, very convenient and easy for you to switch various functions of your mobile phone, such as adjusting volume, changing songs, etc.

3. Safe:

It can be firmly fixed by pasting it with a non-marking patch on the wall with 5kg bearing capacity, and its max opening angle is 60 degrees and inside is with magnetic design, all of which make it very safe and secure for your usage, leaving no worry about the phone falling down.

4. Easy installation:

It features paste and work, is very easy and convenient to install, and can be pasted everywhere and removed without trace, very practical and useful.

5. Wide application:

Having a wide range of applications, the box can be used in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the office etc., very universally applicable in our daily life.


Item type: phone storage box

Material: ABS+PET

Color: blue/white

Quantity: 1pc

Applicable mobile phone: under 6inch

Item size: 19*10.5*2.8cm/7.47*4.13*1.1inch(L*W*H)

Weight: 130g/4.59oz


1 x phone storage box

1 x non-marking patch

1 x package box

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