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Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Heating Cup 2 with LED Temperature Display 350ml - 316 Stainless

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Heating Cup 2 with LED Temperature Display 350ml - 316 Stainless

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Introducing the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Heating Cup 2, your ideal companion for on-the-go warmth. With a sleek LED temperature display and a generous 350ml capacity, this stainless steel thermos ensures your beverages stay at the perfect temperature. Perfect for travel and portable use, enjoy the convenience and reliability of Xiaomi Mijia's innovative design.

Key Features:

- With a 350ML capacity, this portable electric heating cup is easy to carry anywhere you go.
- Enjoy up to 12 hours of constant temperature, ensuring your beverages stay warm for longer periods.
- Its 360-degree sealing ring prevents leaks, making it safe to carry in your bag without worrying about spills.
- Boasting 300W heating power, it rapidly boils water in just 8 minutes, ensuring quick and convenient use.
- An LED screen displays the temperature, providing real-time monitoring of your drink's heat level.
- Constructed with a 316L stainless steel liner, this cup offers durability and ensures your drinks taste fresh.
- Its strong sealing performance prevents side leakage, guaranteeing a mess-free experience.
- With just one touch, you can easily boil water with this cup, simplifying your daily routine.
- Enjoy up to 6 hours of long-lasting heat preservation, keeping your beverages warm throughout the day.
- Operating at 300W low power, it's energy-efficient and suitable for everyday use.
- Designed with anti-dry burning and boiling water dumping protection, ensuring safety while in use.
- Made from food contact grade safety materials, this cup prioritizes your health and well-being.

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